The Rolling Stones Band Members

With a name based on a Muddy Waters song The Rolling Stones formed in 1962. Founding band members Brian Jones and childhood friends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards later joined by drummer Charlie Watts and bass player Bill Wyman formed the first lineup of the rock n roll history that was and still is The Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones Lineup

Mick Jagger - Vocals, Harmonica. Founding Member

Keith Richards - Guitars Lead. Founding Member

Charlie Watts - Drums. Founding Member

Ronnie Wood (1975 to present) - Guitars


Darryl Jones (1993 to present) - Bass. "Not official member"

The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" Live


External Info

The Rolling Stones Official Site

Founding Members of The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger - Vocals

Keith Richards - Lead Guitar

Brian Jones - Guitar

Charlie Watts - Drums

Bill Wyman - Bass

Earlier Band Members

Brian Jones (1962-1969) - Guitars. Founding Member, deceased 1969

Ian Stewart (1962-1963) - Keyboard

Dick Taylor (1962) - Bass

Mick Avory (1962) - Drums - replaced in 1963 by Charlie Watts

Bill Wyman (1963-1993) - Bass. Founding Member

Mick Taylor (1969-1974) - Guitar - replacement for Brian Jones

Other 1962 Band Members

Ricky Fenson - Bass

Tony Chapman - Drums

Carlo Little - Drums