The Who Band Members

Formed in 1964 The Who is considered one of the most influental rock bands of all time. Starting out as the The Detours, going through a short detour as The High Numbers, they finally ended up as The Who. This british rock band is famous for many reasons including breaking their instruments on stage and has released several classic albums of which "Tommy" is the best known. Legendary drummer Keith Moon passed in 1978 and was replaced by former Small Faces drummer Kenney Jones. The Who split up in 1983 but the remaining band members has reunited for events as the 1987 Live Aid and the Quadraphenia revival tours.

The Who Lineup

Pete Townshend - Guitar

Roger Daltrey - Vocals

John Entwistle - Bass

Keith Moon - Drums


Other Band Members

Kenney Jones (Drums 1979-1988)

Simon Philips (Drums)

Colin Dawson (Lead Vocals)

Doug Sandom (Drums)

The Who - 5:15 - Live at TOTP 1973