Oasis Band Members

Probably the greatest band in the world. At least if you are to believe the band members of British rock group Oasis. Supposedly 50 million record buyers can't be wrong. Anyway, Oasis formed in Manchester in 1991 with brothers Noel Gallagher on guitar and Liam Gallagher on vocals. Actually Liam started the group but it was not until Noel joined with his songwriting skills that the band really took off. With hits like "Wonderwall" and "Live Forever" Oasis later conquered the world.

The often headline creating Oasis has switched lineups a couple of times over the years. Starting out with just Noel as songwriter today also the other members of the band contribute to the songwriting process. Both Noel and Liam admitts to being huge Beatles fans.

Oasis Lineup

Liam (William) Gallagher - Vocals

Noel Gallagher - Guitars, Vocals

Gem (Colin Murray) Archer - Guitars

Andy Bell - Bass

Chris Sharrock - Drums

Oasis - Acquiesce - Live at Maine Road, Manchester 1996

Earlier Band Members

Alan "Whitey" White - Drums

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs - Rythm Guitar (founding member)

Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan - Bass (founding member)

Tony McCarrol - Drums (founding member)


Other Band Members, temporary and live

Scott McLeod - Bass (appears in Wonderwall music video)

Zak Starkey - Drums (son of Ringo Starr)

Zeb Jameson - Keyboards

Jay Darlington - Keyboards (2002 - present)

Earlier Band Members

Randy Meisner (1971-1977) - Vocals, Bass, Founding member

Bernie Leadon (1971-1975) - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Founding member

Don Felder (1974-1980, 1994-2001) - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals