Aerosmith Band Members

American hard rock band formed in 1970 by guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, singer Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer and guitarist Ray Tabano. The creativity of lead guitarist Joe Perry and the powerful voice and stage presence of Steven Tyler rapidly increased their fan base in the mid 70´s. Some musical differences along with an increasing drug addiction caused the Aerosmith band members' “dark era” during the seventies. However, they revived again in the 80´s as a glam rock band. This time with more power than ever, composing hit after hit and later becoming one of the most successful band of the eighties.

Aerosmith Lineup

Steven Tyler - Vocals, Piano, Harmonica, Percussions (1970 - present)

Joe Perry - Lead guitar, Rhytm guitar, Chorus (1970 - 1981, 1984 - present)

Brad Whitford - Lead guitar, Rhytm guitar (1971 - 1981, 1984 - present)

Tom Hamilton - Bass, Rhytm guitar , Chorus (1970 - present)

Joe Kramer - Drums, Percussion (1971 - present)

The Eagles - Hotel California - Live 1976


Earlier Bandmembers

Ray Tabano – Rhytm guitar (1970 - 1971)

Jimmy Crespo – Lead guitar, Rhytm guitar (1979 - 1984)

Rick Dufay – Lead guitar, Rhyt